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You can check the status of a flight arriving or departing from Tampa International Airport using our real-time flight information search. Regularly scheduled airline and charter flights are accessible through this search.

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*Please note: The following information is supplied by individual airlines, which are solely responsible for its accuracy. It is provided only as a public service by Tampa International Airport without any guarantee as to its accuracy.

Flight Planner

Plan a future flight to and/or from Tampa with our easy to use interactive Flight Planner provided by Search the flight database for airlines scheduled to fly to and from Tampa International Airport over the next 12 months.

If you prefer a downloadable airline flight schedules for the months of April, May and /or June click the links below.

Please note: The following schedules are for general information only and are subject to change without notice. Please consult individual airlines for detailed information and any changes. For the updated status of an active flight, check the Flight Search above.

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Airlines at TPA

Tampa International Airport is served by most major airlines which provide nonstop daily service to more than 70 national and international destinations.

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